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FCC limits fees cities can charge for 5G deployment

The Federal Communications Commission voted Wednesday to limit how much local governments can charge wireless companies to attach small radios to utility poles when deploying next-generation 5G service. The three Republicans on the FCC said the plan will streamline the process for installing 5G gear and save wireless providers an estimated $2 billion, which can […]

Sandberg and Dorsey being sworn in

Facebook and Twitter in DC: What the congressional hearings looked like up close

You know that feeling when something is important to you but other people just don’t care? That’s how some congressional lawmakers felt this week after Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and, notably, no one from Google testified for a combined eight hours before two committees. The hearings were kind of important, given […]


Verizon’s 5G home broadband launches in October and starts at $50

5G is about to cross the threshold between hype and reality. It’s about time.  Verizon on Tuesday said installation for its 5G home broadband service, Verizon 5G Home, will start Oct. 1, with service to begin once the installation is complete. Customers in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, California, can start ordering the service, […]

Facebook Glow AI compiler

Facebook AI now fixes bugs like spellcheck corrects typos

Writing got a lot easier when spellcheckers and grammar checkers arrived on the scene. Now Facebook is using artificial intelligence to give programmers a similar boost with a tool called SapFix that’ll debug their software. ‘SapFix can automatically generate fixes for specific bugs, and then propose them to engineers for approval and deployment to production,’ […]

Portable Device Applications

Google Chrome 69 redesign rolling out in September

Google’s browser will be getting a redesign when its Chrome 69 update arrives on September 4. We don’t know the details of visual changes, but they’re likely to be the rounded tabs of Material Design overhaul shown in July. The company’s Enterprise release notes mention some of the new features, which focus on Windows integration, […]


Amazon drops its $25 free shipping minimum for the holidays

Amazon is joining its rival retailers in beefing up its free shipping program just ahead of the holiday shopping blitz. In a first for the company, the Seattle retailer said Monday it’s dropping its $25 minimum for free shipping to non-Prime shoppers in the US. The offer starts Monday and lasts until Amazon’s delivery cutoff […]


Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl offer: $20 for three months of service

Chunky-style milk, anyone? In case you missed it, that was the cornerstone of Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl ad yesterday — arguably one of the few entertaining things about that horrifically dull game. Me, I’ll stick with almond milk, thank you very much. But I’ll note that Mint’s latest trial offer is pretty darn good: Three […]


Pokemon Go to add PVP mode by end of year

The insanely popular mobile game of 2016, Pokemon Go, will get a much anticipated feature by the end of the year. As reported by the Polish news site Gram, Niantic’s head of marketing for the European, Middle Eastern and African regions, Anne Beuttenmüller, gave a Q&A about the software company’s future plans. In addition to […]


Google Hangouts gets hung out to dry in 2020, report says

Google will reportedly kill off its Hangouts chat app in 2020. The reported move may not surprise many because the company has shifted its focus to other communication platforms. Last year, Google said it was ‘evolving‘ Hangouts to focus on two new services: Hangouts Meet, a video conferencing feature, and Hangouts Chat, a messaging platform […]


IPhone XS vs. Pixel 3: Which camera is better?

Can Google’s single rear camera on the Pixel 3 beat the two on Apple’s iPhone XS? As camera quality becomes one of the most important factors in choosing a new phone, it’s time to compare the hottest two phones of 2018 so far. Remember the Pixel 3 and 3 XL share the same camera (as […]