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Facebook temporarily removes post accusing it of having a ‘black people problem’

Facebook temporarily pulled down a post by a former employee who accused the tech firm of having ‘a black people problem,’ a removal that was quickly noticed by the author. Mark Luckie, who left his job as Facebook’s strategic partner manager for global influencers, posted his note publicly on Nov. 27. The post accused Facebook […]

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Facebook leaders ignored warnings, deflected blame as scandals mounted, report says

From Russian election meddling to a massive data privacy scandal, Facebook has faced a seemingly endless list of troubles. Now a new report suggests the social network’s leadership may be among its biggest challenges. Over the past three years, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg ignored warnings, deflected blame and were distracted by other projects as […]

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Facebook may soon be able to figure out where you’re going next

A trio of patent applications hint at Facebook’s efforts to figure out your next move, when you’ll be offline and how best to advertise to you. The proposed patents, previously reported by Buzzfeed News, won’t necessarily result in these systems being implemented, but do give a sense of how the social network could take advantage […]


Vitamin Water will pay you big bucks to give up your phone for a year

One year, a full 365 days. No smartphone. No tablet. No using other people’s smartphones. Does that sound doable? If so, you might want to enter Vitamin Water‘s $100,000 #NoPhoneForAYear contest. The Coca-Cola Company drink brand will give one US resident a shot at kicking a smartphone addiction cold turkey, but the requirements are sure […]


For Halloween, Google Doodle scares up addictive multiplayer game

Google has another Halloween treat for fans of its Doodle games — its first-ever multiplayer game. Two years ago, Google captivated Doodle players with a game featuring an adorable black cat with magic powers that races the clock to save its school from a horde of invading spirits. This year’s Great Ghoul Duel takes things up […]

Sandberg and Dorsey being sworn in

Facebook and Twitter in DC: What the congressional hearings looked like up close

You know that feeling when something is important to you but other people just don’t care? That’s how some congressional lawmakers felt this week after Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and, notably, no one from Google testified for a combined eight hours before two committees. The hearings were kind of important, given […]

Facebook Glow AI compiler

Facebook AI now fixes bugs like spellcheck corrects typos

Writing got a lot easier when spellcheckers and grammar checkers arrived on the scene. Now Facebook is using artificial intelligence to give programmers a similar boost with a tool called SapFix that’ll debug their software. ‘SapFix can automatically generate fixes for specific bugs, and then propose them to engineers for approval and deployment to production,’ […]

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Google Chrome 69 redesign rolling out in September

Google’s browser will be getting a redesign when its Chrome 69 update arrives on September 4. We don’t know the details of visual changes, but they’re likely to be the rounded tabs of Material Design overhaul shown in July. The company’s Enterprise release notes mention some of the new features, which focus on Windows integration, […]


Amazon drops its $25 free shipping minimum for the holidays

Amazon is joining its rival retailers in beefing up its free shipping program just ahead of the holiday shopping blitz. In a first for the company, the Seattle retailer said Monday it’s dropping its $25 minimum for free shipping to non-Prime shoppers in the US. The offer starts Monday and lasts until Amazon’s delivery cutoff […]


Wi-Fi access only granted to students in China after they solve a puzzle

There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Now apparently the same goes for Wi-Fi. Students in the cafeteria at China’s Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics must solve a calculus equation to get the school Wi-Fi password, state media Global Times reported Sunday. The password lies within the answer to the problem, […]