Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl offer: $20 for three months of service


Chunky-style milk, anyone?

In case you missed it, that was the cornerstone of Mint Mobile’s Super Bowl ad yesterday — arguably one of the few entertaining things about that horrifically dull game.

Me, I’ll stick with almond milk, thank you very much. But I’ll note that Mint’s latest trial offer is pretty darn good: Three months of service for $20. That’s $20 all-in, by the way, not $20 per month. 

See it at Mint Mobile

If that sounds familiar, well, the low-cost-if-you-prepay carrier has been running a similar deal for the last couple months. But the difference here is that you get a bigger chunk of 4G LTE (aka high-speed) data: 8GB per month, a substantial jump from the previous 5GB.

After that, you can continue with this 8GB plan for 3, 6 or 12 months, paying a total of $105, $150 or $240, respectively. Mint also has 3GB and 12GB prepaid plans. Assuming you can afford these upfront options, these are some of the lowest prices around. 



To use Mint, you need an unlocked phone that supports GSM carrier bands. Ostensibly, that’s AT&T and T-Mobile, but many newer phones, such as the 2018 iPhone models, should work even if they were originally sold on Sprint and Verizon plans. Although I haven’t used the service myself, I’ve written about it many times, and I’d say the vast majority of readers have been extremely happy with it. (Your mileage may vary, of course.)

Oh, and speaking of which: Mint uses the T-Mobile network. So if that offers good coverage in your area, so will Mint — but if it doesn’t, then you’ll probably want to look at other options.

I know that many of you are still with one of the Big Four carriers — and almost certainly paying much higher rates. I’m not saying Mint should be your new provider, merely that for $20, you get a full three months to test the waters.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Are all your power needs being met? For example, do you have a mobile charger with a built-in USB-C cable? You do now: For a limited time, the ZipKord Rockz 5000 power bank is $14, plus $5 for shipping. That’s with promo code ZKCS2, which should automatically be applied at checkout.

This 5,000-mAh unit features not only a USB-C output cable, but also a Type-A USB input cable and folding prongs for direct wall-charging. (In other words: You can recharge it two ways.)

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